Thanks for an amazing race.  I was one of the slowest and got lost, but loved it.

Best part is 6:30 where the monkey confronts me to steal a banana.  Really appreciate the hard work to organize this event.  Awesome.

Love you!

Mark Templer, USA. Feb 2023.

My favourite race! Trail running and high altitude climbing has taken me to many places but the Stupa to Stupa is one of the BEST races in my running calendar. It combines culture and nature, city and hills, lush greenery and urban greyness, remoteness and busyness. It takes you from one significant religious monument to another – a trip you could easily cycle in about 30 minutes if you stayed in town. But the race takes you on a journey around the Kathmandu valley offering you magnificent views. You will run on challenging and easy trails, through thick forests, along beautiful rice paddies, through mountain villages and past Buddhist monasteries that are decorated with colourful prayer flags. I have done it a couple of times already and I am looking forward to running it again!

Billi Bierling, Germany

Stupa to Stupa is a truly unique event. Watching the sun rise above the mountains at the start line, whilst participants mingled with local worshipers at Swayambu (spell it however you wish to for marketing purposes – the words within these brackets are not part of my testimonial) creates an atmosphere that is impossible to describe in words. It needs to be experienced. Seeing the massive Boudhanath Stupa (again, insert your preferred spelling) for the first time, arriving at dusk to the smell of burning juniper, merging with the evening worshippers circumambulating the stupa for your final few meters of this ultra creates a feeling of being at one with the universe and everyone in it. And I’m saying that as someone who is not remotely spiritual.

Hahna Straw, Kathmandu

There’s something really magical about beginning and ending with these two incredible stupas –the whole run feels really natural- beautiful flowing trails, dusty villages, cool jungle – Stupa to stupa is a fantastic day out. A big smile of an event: from the happy chaos of the Monkey Temple start, super cheery folk at the checkpoints and all the really randomness of Nepali street/village life along the way. Great flapjack, loads of water, just-enough trail marking and a cheeky beer at the end. What’s not to like!

Jo Chaffer, UK

… an enjoyable and rewarding race. It was my introduction to ultramarathons and the route was superb. A nice mix of steep climbs, flat forest trails, and fast descents, with much shade from the sun and spectacular views across the Kathmandu Valley. The fuel stops were well stocked and the volunteers and crew provided excellent support. I was able to run the route without a map or pack, being clearly marked and well signposted. There was a good atmosphere amongst the runners and the post race celebrations were great. Much recommended!

Jamie Kell, UK

The Stupa to Stupa was my first trail run and it was fantastic. … it was both beautiful and challenging. Starting at Swayambhunath at 6am is already an experience as the whole of Kathmandu climbs up from the valley at early dawn to gather for morning prayer. It took only 1 km to leave the city behind us and start climbing Jamacho in clear air. From that point on the whole route consisted of sand road or less and was very well marked. The seven checkpoints were well organized as we could just grab a bottle with or without electrolytes while the cheering organization was literally stuffing our pockets with bananas, peanuts and flapjacks. I even got offered a tent with a bed for a nap but I was kind of in a hurry. The runners were all supporting each other and I really enjoyed pairing up with both international and Nepali runners, sharing food and water on the way. The speed at which people were running varied greatly, making it easy to just find your own pace. From 11 am it started getting hot. Luckily most part of the route provided sufficient shade and a few small waterfalls to freshen up. The finish was both beautiful and challenging as well as Boudhanath was just amazing to stumble upon in the middle of the city. After a shower at the finish we had some beers at Boudhanath. A Great day!

– Jens Wigger, Netherlands
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