Please study this route map:  

To get to the stupa: visitors take a taxi from Thamel Rs 300. Then walk up. Foreigners may have to pay Rs 200 which goes to rebuilding the Stupa complex. Nepali + SAARC Rs 50. 
Take Tootle or Pathao to the parking on the attached map. 

Stupa 54 km start location Swayambhu.png


Please read carefully: https://docs.google.com/document/d/13mI2fHiZTfFEhUBNHY3XBjAZkLCyoZXV8dsXtU634kc/edit?usp=sharing


Start slow… climb Jamacho at an easy pace, then start running as next section is down hill for loooong. If you climb too fast, later you will suffer. 
It will be hot… carry water and wear a cap. Drink enough at aid stations / checkpoints. 


  • Bring own toilet paper for toilet in the morning!
  • Bring rupees Rs 300 minimum if you need to take bus or taxi home in case of dropout
  • Bring headlight if you are going to be slow. Otherwise cutoff at Nagi Gumba is 5 pm and you walk down to Budhanilkanta
  • Don’t drop litter or plastic anywhere! 
  • Carry your own water bottle – weather is hot
  • Wear bib number on your front so visible at checkpoints
  • Show your number to checkpoint officials at each checkpoint for timing and security
  • Have fun, any problems call the number on your bib. 

See you at 5:30 at Swayambhu Stupa and 7:30 at Mudkhu ….

(34 km : bus from Thamel Sorakhutte at 7am – see attached map)
Any questions you can reply or call 9803830880 or WhatsApp.

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