54K Route

Here is the main ultra trail route, from Swayambhunath to Boudhanath.

A view of the route as if flying over Kathmandu!


Stupa to Stupa 54K race route map. 35K race starts from Mudkhu village.

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Trail Route Details

CP  54 km  Location  Food & liquids provision  
Start 0 km Swayambhu                                            –             
CP 1 5.7 km Jamacho Top Water, Biscuits, Banana 
CP 2 20.5 km Mudkhu Water,Juice, Biscuit, chana 
 23.4 km Tinpiple Water 
CP 3 31.8 km Gurje Bhanjyang Water, Bananas, chocolate,Jeevan jal (electrolyte
CP 4 37.1 km Dandagaon Water, Juice, Banana, Snickers, Flapjacks, Jeevan jal (electrolyte). Salt crackers 
CP 5 45.4 km Nagi Gumba Water, banana, biscuits, snickers 
CP 6 51.5 km Kapan Water, banana, biscuits, snickers 
Finish 54.6 km Boudhanath Water, banana, biscuits, snickers 
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