Stupa to Stupa 54km trail ultra - international

  • Please give country code also.
  • Please give the name and phone number of someone we should contact in case of an emergency.
  • Please check carefully otherwise we will not be able to contact you. No email? Give facebook ID.
  • e.g. 1982-08-22 - This is needed for submitting the official results to ITRA. It will not be published.
    Date Format: YYYY dash MM dash DD
  • A comfortable, quality cotton souvenir t-shirt is included! No cheap plastic shirt. Sizes inches - 34" to 44". Check sizing here as no changes accepted later!
  • This is needed for submitting the official results to ITRA.
  • Address that corresponds with credit card billing address.
  • Benefit from registering early! Note these fees include silly national park fees, a really nice t-shirt and generally support keeping a very low price for young Nepali runners. Thank you for your support and understanding!
  • If you are a special TRN runner, apply your coupon here...
  • 0,00 €
  • American Express
  • Finally you need to tick this box to show you understand that we, the race organisers, are not responsible for any injury to you or for loss or damage to your possessions during the period of the race.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

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