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STUPA TO STUPA RACE: The fourth iteration of the race was promoted as Mira Rai’s Stupa to Stupa Marathon by Trail Running Nepal in the year 2018. Mira Rai ran her first Stupa to Stupa in the year 2014. After a long break, and following the COVID pandemic, the 5th edition of the Stupa to Stupa Race is planned for the end of 2022.

The course passes begins from the fabulously chaotic starting location, Swayambu aka The Monkey Temple the trail moves through the hills surrounding the Kathmandu Valley, taking runners through important Buddhist monasteries such as Jamacho, Nagi (at 7,677 feet, the trail’s highest point), and Kapan.

The race wraps up with runners doing three ritual laps, or koras, around the Boudhanath Stupa.


Mira Rai Initiative (MRI) was founded by the legendary ultra-trail runner Mira Rai in 2017. It is registered as a non-profit organization committed to supporting trail-running and trail-running communities in Nepal. Ever since her debut in the trail running scene in 2014, she has broken world records, and won numerous races and titles both nationally and internationally. She is one of the most celebrated athletes in the world who has won several accolades, awards, and recognition such as the National Geographic Adventurer of the year 2017; Asia Game Changer Awards 2018, and to name a few. Mira Rai is now committed to using the platform and the voice to promote trails and trail running in Nepal while empowering the trail community via her initiative. 

At Mira Rai Initiative, we believe that foot races can change lives and communities where they are conducted. We believe in the power of this sport to empower people to value themselves and their natural environment.   

Mission of MRI  

  1. Promoting and supporting the trail running athletes in Nepal,  
  2. Empowering a new generation of female trail runners,  
  3. Establishing and Promoting Trail running as a mainstream adventure sport in Nepal.  

MRI has been running a scholarship program for potential young girls from disadvantaged and marginalized backgrounds, who are exceptional in trail running by giving them an opportunity to focus on athletic training, education, and professional development, and an experiential learning opportunity to visit international countries especially Hong Kong and compete in one of the many renowned trail races in the city. Mira Rai Initiative has supported twenty-one women athletes from 2017 to 2022.  Trail Running is one of the most rapidly growing sports in Nepal. Nepal being home to the mountains has attracted trail runners from all over the world. This has opened up the platform for several races being conducted every year. Mira Rai Initiative promotes trail running in Nepal, and supports Nepali athletes where possible.


  1. To promote tourism in diversity/ culture,
  2. To create awareness and give exposure to the trails of Kathmandu,
  3. To give exposure to the trail running sport,
  4. To provide exposure for the trail runners of Nepal,
  5. To spread awareness about MRI and its works.
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