Come and run Nepal’s most fun ultra…

Race entry for September 28 2019 is now closed. Entry list is here.

For more race information, open this google doc.

This route is around 54 km but at a steady 5 km walking pace it can be completed in under 12 hours.

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Provisional programme

  • Meet 5:30am at Swayambhu Stupa. Start 06:00 approx.
  • Then the toughest and only serious climb of the day to the Jamacho Gumba
  • Then there is the long downhill through the Nagarjun Jungle.
  • Follow the ridge from Mudkhu to Tinpiple.
  • Then climb Tarkeshwor Mandir greeting the Sadhu living there.
  • Continue here to pass the army camp and to Gurje Bhanjyang. There is a water tap here. Please say Namaste to Army – we need their support.
  • Continue on jeep road to Dandagaon
  • Continue to Nagi Gumba, first on a small foot trail, then jeep road.
  • Climb up to the monastery itself…
  • From Nagi, all downhill on the ridge to Kopan Gumba.
  • The last 2 km are going to be dusty running with traffic on small roads. Hold your breath.
  • Arrive at Boudhanath. It can be busy so do your best and be careful of others. Complete three koras after finishing.

From Swayambhu Stupa


To Jamacho mountain

Via here

Mira rai stupa to stupa

Along these trails

kathmandu trail running

To Boudhanath Stupa

The long (& green) way around